Peter Frohmader in his Studio 1998
Nekropolis Studio September 1999
Studio Space - Space Studio ?
Artemiy Artemiev (Son of Edward Artemiev) und P.F. in Moscow 5/'99

Collaboration-CD "Space Icon" (ELCD 015) will appear on Russian Label 'Electroshock' , early 2000

2nd Collaboration CD "Transfiguration" will appear on Russian Label 'Electroshock' , Sept. 2001

Peter Frohmader with his friend H.R.Giger ,
the "Alien" - creator
Mr. Cosmic 1998
Damo Suzuki & Peter Frohmader
Damo, P.F., Frank Gingeleit
Nekropolis & Vidna Obmana, May 2003
Serge Devadder, P.F., Vidna Obmana
P.F. & Dirk
Serge, P.F., Dirk
Drei Dunkelmänner, Triumvirat in Wenskes gemütlicher Stube, Hanau, August 2007
Mathias Erbe (Kunstmaler/Graphiker), P.F. und Helmut Wenske (Kunstmaler/Schriftsteller)
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